Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tomorrow is father's day!

This writing is dedicated to two special men in my life. Jazakumullahu khair for your patience, guidance and endless love. ..walking by my side making sure that I lead my life dalam redha Allah.
Tentang Ayah
It’s father’s day and you know what? I miss my ayah. He has come in my dreams 3 times since I’ve move to Germany. Once he was giving me advice, second he accompanied me to places gathering information for my masters, and lastly we were playing together at the playground. Gosh, what has got into me! Alhamdulillah dengan teknologi internet, receiving emails from ayah really brighten up my days. Just like masa di asrama, terima kad-kad ucapan dari ayah.
Well ayah doesn’t talk much, but deep inside we all know how much he loves us all adik-beradik. Teringat peristiwa sedih ketika Suhaib accident dan koma beberapa hari. Nauzubillahi min zalik.. Air mata kita semua tak henti-henti menangis, bahkan terasa seperti setiap denyut nadi tidak henti berdoa untuk Aib.. But what hurt me more was to see how sad ayah was. Ayah hingga demam, tak lalu makan, dan ketika akhirnya ayah hendak suap makan, ayah menangis. Terdengar kata ayah pada mama, “macammana nak makan, kalau anak antara hidup dan mati..“ I ran outside and cried my heart out. Petang tu I told Aib, “cepat bangun, jangan tidur lama sangat sebab mama ayah really missus you.”
Apapun banyak sebenarnya kesilapan yang dilakukan sebagai anak. But what I regret most is kecikkan hati ayah on my wedding’s day! Ya Allah, kalaulah boleh diulang…how can I be so foolish to upset my parents just sebab nak jaga hati in-laws. Walhal bila ada masalah, I come running back to mama ayah. Sepatutnya berfikir dan bertindak secara bijak dan matang supaya semua pihak gembira. Anyway, now I have two ayah’s. My father in-law must be a great father too that he successfully brought up Rizza to be a great man. And without ayah’s blessing I wouldn’t choose him as a life partner.
Happy father’s day Ayah!
Tentang Abang
It’s father’s day and yet my husband has to do almost everything from cooking, laundry, feeding the kids, beli groceries.. Ya Allah, what to do. My morning sickness is getting worst in each pregnancy. I can’t cook, I can’t even tahan the smell from the fridge and sink! Jangankan nak makan, certain dish tengokpun nak muntah. (That’s why he has to feed the kids :P) Poor Rizza, each day he would hantar Ayid, pergi ofis, ambil Ayid, pergi ofis lagi.. He walks around 10km a day and come back home to cook his own dinner. Oh god, I feel so helpless. Hopefully this will end soon… Once I wanted to eat bihun tomyam, he came back with instant noodle perisa curry thai. Rasanya jauh dari dekat dekat the actual thing. Then I wanted to eat sambal tumis, so he cook nasi lemak. That was the only thing I remembered enjoy eating. Now, I wanted to eat nasi kenduri kahwin with all the lauk’s and acar buah..he surrended.
Let me give you a little picture on what he has to face right now..
1) The company yang offer buat PHD research has stop production 2 months ago, and now he is struggling hard to find a new source,
2) We have to move out from our house before 26 June 08,
3) We have to find a new home in less than two weeks time,
4) He has to make the new house ready as it has absolutely nothing including lights,
5) He has to make sure rumah lama dalam keadaan sebelum masuk untuk tebus deposit.
So, with all the challenges he still try his best to make my pregnancy easier. He even manage to help his family back home in Malaysia. I pray to Allah that He will repay my husband’s good deeds. Moga diberi kekuatan berjiwa besar dan nikmat kerehatan yang sempurna… (he looks sooo tired!)
Happy father’s day Abang!
- Ummi, 140608 5.15am -

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